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Carrier Battery Kit for 26″ Rear Wheel (Price Includes Battery)

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  • BATTERY: 36V 10AH lithium battery (Battery entry from back of carrier)
  • BATTERY WEIGHT: 2.5 kg
  • MOTOR: 300W brushless
  • BRAKES: Can be fitted with either Disc or Jaw type. Brake disc bolts straight onto motor.
  • RIM: Alloy
  • WHEEL SIZE: 26 inch
  • MAIN FUNCTIONS: 5 speed pedal assist with twist throttle override
  • LCD SPECIFICS: Speed in Km/h & MphMax and Average speed, PAS level, Distance (Metric, Imperial), Single and Total trip time, Trip distance and Total distance, Battery capacity indicator, 6 km push power assist.
  • CHARGING TIME: 4-6 hours
  • CHARGER: Smart Charger (Stops charging once battery is charged)
  • RANGE: 20-35 km (Without pedaling, just using throttle) Dependent on rider weight, terrain and conditions.
  • RANGE: 35-70km (Using Pedal Assist Mode) Dependent on rider weight, terrain and conditions
  • SPEED: 0-32 km

Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $795.00.

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The Carrier kit is designed to mount on back carrier of bike. The kit comes with adjustable stems that can reach down to the back axle of the bike. Motor size provided is 300 watt with a 10 AH lithium battery. Should you like to update your present conventional bike, just simply mount the battery onto the carrier and secure, connect throttle and bike computer to the handle bars, mount the wheel with motor onto your front axle and away you go (instruction manual provided). The kit comes with all the associated accessories such as twist throttle, electronic brake disengage, controller, battery gauge etc. Kit is made to adapt any brake disc. Back wheel comes with back 7-speed sprockets so most conventional bikes will convert, without reducing your conventional gear selection. Disc can be removed from conventional bike and fitted onto back electric wheel in holes provided. Screws come with back wheel for mounting disc onto it.

Kit will fit most of the conventional 26 inch bikes sold today. We have fitted many kits to both Warehouse and Smith City brands. These retailers seem to have the most competitive pricing on conventional bikes and fitted with EcoQuip kits make a very successful economic option. Most of these bikes sell in $300-$700 range and with kit cost of $995 and fitted by purchaser, max out at about $1500-$1600 range, which is a huge saving compared with average e-bike cost today. Ecoquip offer the service of fitting kits for $425 per bike. View our gallery to see the range of bikes we have fitted kits to.

Ecoquip NZ Ltd has been importing electric bikes since 2012 experimenting with many different models. Having worked with mant different manufacturers, we have come up with the most affordable, comfortable, good looking, and powerful E-Bikes.

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