About us

About EcoQuip NZ Ltd

Ecoquip NZ Ltd is 100% NZ owned and operated business. We are based in Canterbury and have been importing electric bikes since 2012 experimenting with the performance and style of different models from different manufacturers. Having studied the market and seeing what there is to offer, EcoQuip NZ Ltd has positioned itself in the market with affordable good quality, good looking bikes. We believe we have the ideal range accommodating for the urban and rail trail riders.

Euro Range

Design based on bikes that look conventional but are electric, is one of EcoQuip’s strong points. Our Euro range is classified in the lower weight category which makes it far easier for older riders to lift onto racks. Our mission is to encourage sustainable travel and make it more affordable for people to get on E bikes. Being direct importers and distributing to retailers nationwide we can offer a range well within the budget of most riders. This is the sector of the market we specialise in.

Service agents & accessories

Being in the industry for so long, Ecoquip has set up service agents in all regional areas of New Zealand giving peace of mind to purchasers outside the Canterbury region. We also provide a full range of back up parts and accessories for all our bikes to provide peace of mind to our customer base. Thousands of bikes have now been sold nationwide with happy customers enjoying the riding experience.

EcoQuip NZ Ltd guarantees customer satisfaction plus 12-month warranty on all bikes sold.